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AI-Enhanced Common Control

We have built the Tomahawk Ecosystem, an AI-enhanced, open architecture, common control system designed for the warfighter first. Built for ease of use, the ecosystem seamlessly connects the human-machine team across the tactical network to enable the execution of critical missions spanning ISR to lethal effects.

The Tomahawk Ecosystem gives you the freedom to pick the robotic platform you need and pair it with the AI assistance you require to get the job done - all integrated with your TAK/ATAK teammates.

Fully open architecture and built on industry-standard interfaces, Kinesis is easily integrated with commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware and software to give our customers an affordable solution that meets their needs rapidly.

This approach yields a tailored system, powered by a cross-platform user interface, with capabilities that address your specific mission needs. Your Kinesis-based system can take advantage of all these advancements in the most cost-effective way.

Key benefits

  • Hands down the smallest, lightest, and most rugged control system hardware available today

  • Intuitive, common, and simultaneous control of all your uncrewed systems from one "pane of glass"

  • Dynamic handoff between multiple connected users unlocking true "many-to-many" control

  • Advanced networking delivers all UxV video feeds to connected TAK/ATAK users (KxM required)

  • AI processing at the edge provides real-time video analytics of all connected UxVs (KxM required)

The system overview below highlights how Kinesis connects your uncrewed systems to your AI capabilities and delivers all that intel to your teammates via the tactical network.


how it works 2-1-1


AI Capabilities

How do you integrate the latest AI capabilities with the UxVs you need?

The Kinesis App Store solves this exact problem by extending the Kinesis common control system with a curated selection of AI-enhanced, 3rd party apps.

Apps are easily deployed to our edge hardware platforms such as KxM or RAID.


Kinesis App Store

Account Portal

Tactical Network

Tired of carrying a different laptop or tablet for each UxV you use?

Skip all that and just tap the Kinesis app on your TAK/ATAK device, pick a rugged controller that fits your kit, and connect everything with our advanced networking core hosted on both KxM and RAID.




Data Links

Edge Devices

RAID System

Uncrewed Systems

The Tomahawk Ecosystem includes the latest uncrewed systems from all the leading manufacturers along with cutting-edge new players in the market. Whether you need an EOD robot, an ISR quadcopter, or a loitering munition - Kinesis has you covered.

Are you a developer with a UxV that you want to integrate with Kinesis? We can help with that too.


Supported Systems



How do I get started?

Curious about how to get moving with Kinesis? Click here to learn about current supported end user devices, platforms, and capabilities.


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