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The revolutionary growth in uncrewed technologies and AI has created a complex maze of robotic platforms and solutions with closed architectures. We are changing this. At Tomahawk, we have built Kinesis - an architecture, UxV platform, and data link agnostic control solution that transforms how humans work with uncrewed systems in the most stressful and harsh environments.

Kinesis unlocks the power of 20+ uncrewed systems from over a dozen manufacturers. Viewable on a single "pane of glass" and controllable from a common UI - all upgraded with new AI capabilities and connected to the tactical network. Read on to learn more about the revolutionary capabilities Kinesis brings to the fight.


Kinesis is the only control system that is designed for the warfighter first. Starting with the intuitive and tactically optimized user interface, Kinesis is an app that runs on the Android EUD you're already carrying to lighten your loadout.



Built from the ground up for multi-domain operations, Kinesis is the common control solution that ensures flying a drone is as easy as operating a ground robot. This deep level of integration across the entire uncrewed spectrum enables unique features such as air and ground uncrewed system "teaming".



Wrapped around a novel cross-architecture core, Kinesis unlocks common control of all your UxVs. Said simply, Kinesis is the only software-based control system that can talk to multiple uncrewed systems, built on different architectures, and view them on one pane of glass.



Kinesis seamlessly connects your uncrewed systems with AI at the edge. Coupled with our KxM family of edge devices, Kinesis gives you the freedom to mix and match your UxVs and AI interchangeably to optimize for the mission at hand.


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We have partnered with end users at the bleeding edge of innovation, representing all domains, to refine the Tomahawk Ecosystem into an intuitive, hardened solution that works seamlessly with the uncrewed systems that operators demand and the AI enhancements they expect.



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Click the button to dig into how Kinesis works. Curious about the broader Tomahawk Ecosystem and its capabilities? Keep scrolling to learn more about our supporting products, modular solutions for defense, and resources for developers looking to join our vision.


Tomahawk Ecosystem


Our unique combination of skills, partnerships, and experience allows us to be a true "honest broker" of uncrewed systems solutions. We are focused on the rapid integration of the latest robotic capabilities, providing assurance that our open architecture approach prevents vendor lock and ensures an upgrade path for future needs.


Join the multi-domain future of human-machine teaming (HMT) with collaborative control across all your uncrewed systems and enhanced with AI at the edge.


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Time to make this your own - dive in and explore all the modular ways the Kinesis Ecosystem can be tailored to your exact mission needs.


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