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The Tomahawk Ecosystem, due to its modular open architecture approach, allows for endless customization to optimize your kit for the specific mission at hand. All these options can present a challenge in determining the ideal way to configure your kit to accomplish your goals. Below you'll see a few common examples employed by our customers, but these are by no means the limit of what you can do.

Each of the examples below was configured to maximize capabilities for the given role while minimizing SWaP. The radios shown are representative of typical radios used by our customers, although the Tomahawk Ecosystem can support essentially any IP-based radio.


Real-time targeting, processing, and cross-banding




UxV Operator

Control the multi-domain, Human-machine team





Get latest intel, take control, and adapt on the objective




The Tomahawk Ecosystem is architected to be extensible and adaptable so that it can meet the challenges of any mission. Your Kinesis kit can be pared down to the bare essentials for “one-to-one” control, minimally augmented for “one-to-many” control, and/or networked to enable the full “many-to-many” control paradigm we're known for. Don't be limited by legacy control solutions - join the uncrewed systems revolution today.


You probably have some ideas for your own kit you'd like to verify. Reach out and contact us - that's what we're here for.

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