Supported Systems


Rolling, walking, or flying - Kinesis supports them all

Integration Tiers

Welcome to the ever growing ecosystem of Kinesis supported unmanned systems. To make things easy, we define the systems integration level by "Tier". Keep scrolling to see the full list of supported robots and unmanned systems.

Tier 1


Mission Ready

The easy button - no changes to your system required. Follow the quick start guide in Kinesis for your specific system to instantly unlock "like for like" capability with all the common control trimmings.

Are Tier 1 systems supported in Kinesis Sim? 100%

What about unique Mission Modules such as a "joint jogger" for a manipulator? Absolutely!

Can I push the video from my Tier 1 unmanned systems through the network? Kinesis and KxM were built for this - yes!

Tier 2


Field Trial

Need a system to support a week long experiment down range? This is the optimal integration level to support CONOP testing and end user feedback to inform final Tier 1 integration requirements.

What capabilities and features should I expect for a Tier 2 system? All core functionality (e.g. cameras, lights, mobility, manipulation, etc.) are supported.

What is not included? Platform specific Mission Modules and alternate configurations (e.g. Boston Dynamics Spot with or without a manipulator).

Tier 3


Risk Reduction

Have a new system with unique capabilities that you want added to the Kinesis ecosystem? This is the place to start. Tier 3 integration focuses on “proof of life” to identify potential Tier 2 integration risks.

What is a good candidate for a Tier 3 integration? New systems having a novel mobility solution, proprietary control protocols, and/or “unique” payloads.

Can your team advise where to start? That's what we're here for! Contact us and we can talk you through a development path that fits your cost and schedule.

Everyone gets an upgrade!

Kinesis subscribers get access to the latest features and supported platforms quarterly - meaning that Tier 2 system you'd like to use for real might be on someone else's shopping list too and be upgraded to Tier 1 in the latest release. Regardless of who kicked off the next level integration, everyone gets the benefit via the next quarterly Kinesis release. Keep scrolling to see the full suite of interconnected Kinesis systems.

A subset of systems supported by Kinesis are shown below.

Don't see what you're looking for?

Check back often for updates to our supported platforms list or contact us to discuss your unique needs and how it can be addressed by the ever-growing Kinesis ecosystem.


Kinesis integrates easily with unmanned systems built on ROS/ROS2, RAS-G IOP, MAVLink, STANAG-4586, and even proprietary architectures. It's likely that the platform or payload you desire is already on our roadmap and about to be released.


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