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Our Approach

The field of robotics and unmanned systems is crowded with a seemingly ever-changing set of new platforms, capabilities, and new "architectures" that promise to solve all your problems.

In reality, many of these solutions come with a healthy set of trade-offs and compromises that need to be factored in before committing to new systems. Things to consider: How will this work with my comms plan? Is this solution upgradeable with new AI capabilities? How do I know I'll have support when I need it? Will it work with TAK/ATAK?

Because of these challenges, we have focused on helping our customers looking to employ unmanned systems and robotics by offering turn-key kits of commonly sought after solutions while providing fully custom options for those seeking a no-compromise way forward.

Off the Shelf Systems

Tomahawk Robotics has partnered with the leading suppliers of unmanned systems to provide a complete, turn-key solution for enterprise and defense users.  Current solutions are built around the US DoD's Blue sUAS program but check back later for additional offerings.

Blue sUAS

Tomahawk Robotics has integrated the Kinesis common command and control system with the Parrot ANAFI USA to create a turn-key solution for tacitcal sUAS missions.

This BLUE sUAS kit brings together cutting-edge drone technology with the Kinesis common command and control system. The result is a secure, low-cost, COTS-based system that outperforms custom-built alternatives across the board, lightens the soldier’s load, and works seamlessly with all other Kinesis supported unmanned systems in the ecosystem – extending mission capabilities when it matters most.

blue suas kit

Custom Solutions

Many of our customers have extremely unique mission challenges and applications. Because of this, rarely does an off the shelf solution address the real needs. If this describes your situation and you're looking for something more - give us a call to discuss.


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How We Work

Our unique combination of skills, partnerships, and experience allows us to be a true "honest broker" of unmanned systems solutions. We are focused on the rapid integration of the latest robotic capabilities, providing assurance that our open architecture approach prevents vendor lock ensuring an upgrade path for future needs.



We start with your problem, your requirements, and your expertise on the job that needs to be done. Together, we'll nail down the capabilities that are needed and translate those into system requirements.



Next, we'll consider various options, from platforms to sensors, from all the leading technology providers to arrive at a solution that meets your unique needs, performance, and budget.



Finally, we will integrate the final design with Kinesis to provide a streamlined solution that is upgradeable to address your future needs as requirements change.

We are on a mission to unleash the true potential of robots operating in the real world with Kinesis to dramatically improving the ease-of-use, safety, and effectiveness. Spanning intuitive user interfaces to AI-enabled edge processors, Kinesis is the definitive foundation of your unmanned systems future. Want to know more about what Kinesis is and how it works?  Click below to learn more.


How It Works