RAID System


Turn your Nett Warrior system up to 11

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Welcome to the next generation of cable-free, warfighter configurable, tactical mission kits. The RAID System incorporates all the features of the Tomahawk Ecosystem you'd expect - AI-enhanced common control, open architecture, and advanced networking. It is the complete, wearable solution for ISR to precision strike missions - built into a sleek, submersible chassis for the warfighter first.

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Modular Open Systems Approach

  • Designed as a MOSA system with Government-owned ICDs yielding vendor-agnostic RAID modules

  • Optimized for the mission at hand with field-swappable, customized load-outs

Edge Compute

  • Fully compatible with the Kinesis App Store to extend mission capabilities

  • Integrated NVIDIA Xavier NX GPU – enables powerful AI at the edge

  • Simultaneous AiTR analytics run on all video and data feeds

Network Bridging

  • Smart routing/crossbanding gives users networked live video and PLI of UxVs through TAK/ATAK

  • Intuitive, visual network interface enables an easy understanding of the network

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RAID System


Built on the Tomahawk Ecosystem, the RAID System provides powerful networking and edge processing to bring AI-enhanced capabilities to the warfighter. RAID further provides the ability to redistribute all data, from UxVs or other systems, as AI-enhanced intel throughout the tactical network. From the intuitive Kinesis user interface, operators can access ISR, perform targeting, and call for fires at the squad level.


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RAID System - Tomahawk Robotics


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