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Tomahawk is the visionary force behind the groundbreaking Kinesis Ecosystem, an unmatched tactical capability designed for the warfighter first. At the heart of this innovation lies Kinesis, an AI-enhanced and open architecture common control system that integrates the network of battle-proven UxVs, sensors, and 3rd party software seamlessly onto a single pane of glass. Powered by innovation, the Kinesis Ecosystem delivers targeted situational awareness and precision strike capabilities for the human-machine team across the battlespace.


Kinesis 23.09 software update

The latest Kinesis software update is now available to all Kinesis users on the Account Portal. This update includes new features such as UxV Group Formations, a simplified Pairing Process, new vehicle integrations, additional capabilities from SDK-created plugins, and many more!

Login to the Account Portal to access this update or simply to learn more.


Tomahawk Robotics recently acquired by AeroVironment, INC.

Tomahawk Robotics, a leader in AI-enabled robotic control and integrated communications systems, has recently been acquired by AeroVironment. AeroVironment signed a definitive agreement to purchase Tomahawk Robotics in August for a total purchase price of $120 million, to be paid in a mix of cash and stock.

You can find out more about the acquisition here.


Tomahawk Robotics unveils the revolutionary RAID System

We proudly announce RAID, an integrated tactical system for targeted situational awareness and precision strike missions. Built on the Kinesis Ecosystem, the RAID System provides powerful networking and edge processing to bring AI-enhanced capabilities to the warfighter.

Discover more on the RAID System here.


Tomahawk Robotics awarded a $55.0M full-rate production contract for the Flexible Cyber Secure Radio (FlexCSR) program by the United States Navy

The FlexCSR contract has a base year award of $28.4M with four additional years for production, post-production support, and engineering services for the FlexCSR system.

Get access to the full press release here.


Kinesis 23.03 software update

Our team is excited to share our 23.03 software update for all Kinesis users. This update includes new notifications. mission actions, improvements to our user interface along with new SDK features!

Get access to these updates today on our Account Portal.


Tomahawk Robotics Adds KxM to the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

We're proud to announce the availability of our edge processor, KxM, in the Azure Certified Device program. The KxM has been tested for functionality and interoperability, ensuring that KxM is compatible with the Microsoft reference configuration. This will enable our customers to get their edge solutions up and running quickly with hardware and software that has been pre-tested and verified to work with Azure applications.

Learn more here.


Tomahawk Robotics to Provide Universal Robotic Control Capabilities for the UK MOD Human Machine Teaming Project

In collaboration with Rowden Technologies, Tomahawk Robotics is pleased to announce that it will provide its universal command and control technology and products for the United Kingdom's Army Future Capabilities Group Human Machine Teaming (HMT) tactical uncrewed systems fleet program.

Read more here.


Tomahawk Robotics Successfully Hosts Microsoft Azure SDK on KxM Body-Worn Edge Processor

We are pleased to share we have successfully hosted Microsoft Azure SDK on our KxM edge device, a body-worn Kinesis Ecosystem extension to provide processing and network management at the edge.

Through this integration, Tomahawk Robotics’ Kinesis common control software tracked the movement of users and the connected unmanned systems (UxVs) and provided relevant real-time telemetry data into the Azure Cloud.

Read more on AP News.


Tomahawk Robotics Awarded $6.5M Contract with United States Marine Corps

The ARTEMIS program builds on capabilities delivered under Tomahawk Robotics' existing Radio Agile Integrated Device (RAID) contract with MCWL. With the ARTEMIS contract, Tomahawk Robotics will integrate six additional unmanned systems and several ground radios used by the US Marine Corps into the Kinesis Ecosystem.

Read more here.


Tomahawk Robotics Adds Reveal Technology's Farsight Ai Into The Kinesis Ecosystem

With Reveal's Farsight AI, Kinesis users will be able to quickly designate an area of interest (AOI) and send a UAS to autonomously map the area. Reveal's Farsight application creates 2D maps in real-time and 3D renderings in minutes.

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Tomahawk Robotics Expands Global Coverage to Europe and Australasia Markets

The rapid growth of Tomahawk Robotics' customer base both within the United States and internationally has been driven by its passion to deliver cutting-edge technology to end-users to reduce physical and cognitive burdens for warfighters and elevate the capabilities of their currently fielded unmanned systems through networking and AI.

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Tomahawk Robotics Integrates AeroVironment UAS Into Kinesis Ecosystem

Tomahawk Robotics is pleased to share that we have successfully brought the AeroVironment Raven UAS into the Kinesis Ecosystem. By running AeroVironment’s Crysalis™ server on our Kinesis Expansion Module (KxM) edge processor, Kinesis allows operators to benefit from the unique advantages of a battle-proven fixed-wing platform, while simultaneously controlling any other robot in their arsenal—all within a single application, on a single pane of glass.

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Tomahawk Robotics Announces Expansion On Space Coast

Tomahawk Robotics is pleased to see the demand for our technology continues to increase, which in turn has led us to look for a new home as we have quickly outgrown our current facility. As our CEO Brad Truesdell explained, "it’s really important for our engineering team to support multidisciplinary collaboration and the work across different platforms that we're doing for our customers." The larger space will allow us to grow our team, expand our fleet of robotic platforms, and perform additional testing on-site.

We are hiring for engineering, sales, and operations roles to further support our growth.

Tomahawk Robotics is proud to be a contributing member of our community and to play a part in the Tech Revival happening across the Space Coast. 

Apply online for our open roles at here.


Tomahawk Robotics Appoints The Honorable Ryan D. McCarthy To The Board Of Directors

Tomahawk Robotics has announced that former Secretary of the Army Ryan D. McCarthy has been appointed to its Board of Directors.

Mr. McCarthy was unanimously confirmed by the U.S. Senate as Secretary of the Army, and he previously served as the special assistant to the 22nd Secretary of Defense Robert Gates under Presidents Bush and Obama. 

Ryan will bring his tremendous Army knowledge and DOD acquisition expertise to the Tomahawk Robotics team.

Learn more about this announcement on Yahoo News.



Tomahawk Robotics wins AFWERX SBIR 21.1 Direct to Phase II Contract

Tomahawk Robotics is excited to share that we have been awarded a Direct to Phase II SBIR contract by AFWERX to provide Universal Robotic Control for Integrated Base Defense. 

Under this contract, Tomahawk Robotics will integrate multiple robotic platforms into the Kinesis ecosystem to allow both autonomous and manual multi-domain robotic control from a single, common controller. Additionally, video streams from the integrated unmanned systems (Ghost Robotics Vision 60, Skydio X2D, and DefendTex D40) will be used for object detection and recognition by leveraging Tomahawk Robotics' Kinesis AI capabilities at the tactical edge.

See full release here.


Tomahawk Robotics Receives Award From Department Of Defense

Tomahawk Robotics is pleased to announce our Kinesis Ecosystem controllers have received an award from the DoD for the Defense Production Act, Title III Program.

This award is part of the United States’ effort to expand domestic industrial base capabilities that are critical to the Department and the American Warfighter. The funding will be applied towards Tomahawk Robotics’ on-going prototyping effort with the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) for the Soldier Robotic Controller Program (SRoC).

See full release here.


Tomahawk Robotics Appoints LTG (Ret.) Paul Ostrowski As A Strategic Advisor

Tomahawk Robotics is excited to announce that former Principal Military Deputy and Director of the Army Acquisition Corps, LTG (Ret.) Paul Ostrowski, has been appointed as a Strategic Advisor.

LTG (Ret.) Ostrowski served as the Army's top uniformed acquisition official as well as a Program Executive Officer. As the Principal Military Deputy to the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics and Technology (ASA (ALT)), LTG (Ret.) Ostrowski led a staff of nearly 40,000 personnel with 720 acquisition programs and a portfolio of $36 billion while overseeing all the Army's acquisition workforce.

See full release here.


Tomahawk Robotics Awarded Contract With United States Marine Corps

Tomahawk Robotics is thrilled to share that they have received the award of the Radio Agile Integrated Device (RAID) Program through the Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory (MCWL).

Program activities and deliveries will take place over the course of 2021 and 2022. The RAID Program provides a fully integrated common control and communications solution for both air and ground unmanned systems.

Read more on PR Newswire.

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