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This is the reason you're here - one app to control every uncrewed system from your current TAK/ATAK device for all your missions, ISR to lethal effects. Start with Kinesis Pro, which offers unmatched capabilities for the modern warfighter. Need access to ITAR-restricted UxVs or capabilities? Add on Kinesis Defense. Want to integrate your tech and products into the Tomahawk Ecosystem? Kinesis Dev is fully featured with everything you need to get the job done.

Regardless of how you start with Kinesis, you will gain access to the rapidly growing set of newly integrated uncrewed systems and AI capabilities. Read on to learn more about the incredible features of Kinesis.

Kinesis Pro

  • Many-to-many command and control - use all your UxVs simultaneously on one "pane of glass"

  • Formations feature enables a group of UxVs to be controlled as a single entity

  • Tactically optimized Mission Planner with drag & drop waypoints, smart actions, and autonomy

  • Vehicle pairing process to visually guide the user through the vehicle radio pairing process

  • Interface improvements include an updated path for a skipped mission waypoint

  • TAK/ATAK (Video, COT messages, and bi-directional syncing of POIs)

  • User-defined no-fly zones simplify deconfliction (includes keep-in and keep-out)

  • Map engine supports multiple sources via layers, DTED, and coordinates in both Lat Long and MGRS

  • Mission Modules provide access to unique payload features and/or Kinesis AI app controls

  • Multi-user dynamic handoff - unlock the future of human-machine teaming (HMT)

  • License subscriptions: 1 year, 3 years, and "lifetime"

    Free with Tomahawk controller - see below
Export Notice: This product Is classified as EAR99

All customers are vetted to ensure proper adherence to export regulations and restrictions

Kinesis Defense

  • Interface improvements include persistent display of reported throttle, battery voltage, and vehicle state for supported AeroVironment vehicles

  • Integrates Trillium HD40-XV gimbal control when attached to the Lockheed Martin Stalker

  • License subscriptions: "lifetime"

Export notice: Kinesis Defense licensed UxVs, Mission Modules, and KxM Apps are ITAR controlled

KxM Software

  • KxM ships preinstalled with KxM Config, Kinesis Sim, and Kinesis Gateway - no license needed

  • KxM Config

    • Web Server providing network management, video rebroadcast, and a PAN port manager – all usable standalone without Kinesis Pro

  • Kinesis Sim

    • Train like you fight with an immersive, Unreal Engine-based simulation of all your UxVs

  • Kinesis Gateway

    • Framework with APIs to extend the Kinesis Ecosystem through 3rd party apps

Export notice: These products are classified as EAR99

Kinesis User Interface

Kinesis borrows heavily from mobile and video game interfaces to create a tailored UI that is optimized and familiar for tactical users. Tactile button mappings can be user customized with presets for "drone" or "FPS" style layouts.

Kinesis is the only Android-based common control app that fully integrates with all your air and ground uncrewed systems and seamlessly connects them with a growing suite of AI-enhanced capabilities. In short, it is a game-changer for the 21st-century warrior.


kinesis UI 3


Kinesis users benefit from a continuous stream of improvements and new capabilities with updates released biannually. New customer-funded uncrewed system integrations are rolled into the main software release branch to ensure code maintainability while also providing value to our customers through an ever-growing Tomahawk Ecosystem.

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With Kinesis, AI-enhanced situational awareness and precision strike capabilities are delivered to the warfighter from a single pane of glass via a suite of fully-integrated and battle-proven UxVs operating across land, air, and sea. Click the button, create your account, and download Kinesis today!


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