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Kinesis App Store

The Kinesis App Store is the next extension to the Tomahawk Ecosystem that enables 3rd parties (both government and industry) to deploy their software capabilities to all Kinesis users. The Kinesis App Store hosts software apps for both the RAID system and the KxM family of edge devices.

The Kinesis App Store extends the Tomahawk ecosystem with a curated selection of AI-enhanced, 3rd party apps to improve the execution of EW, ISR, and Fires missions. Apps are easily deployed to edge hardware platforms such as KxM or RAID while maintaining the ease of use expected of the Tomahawk Ecosystem.

When does it launch?

The Kinesis App Store will launch alongside the Kinesis 23.09 release with these Tomahawk Ecosystem Partners.


More details coming soon. If you can't wait just contact us to get the latest info.

AI-Enhanced Capabilities

Our KxM family of edge devices and RAID are built on industry-leading NVIDIA GPUs that unlock incredible new features of the Tomahawk Ecosystem, covering a wide spectrum of use cases, that can be applied to all your uncrewed systems regardless of whether they support such capabilities out of the box. Read on for some examples that we are integrating with our partners today.

icon mission planning



Don't rely on out-of-date map intel to plan your mission. Import 3D maps from recent drone flyovers, annotate with TAK/ATAK, and develop your mission plan with all the advantages available. Take it one step further with coordinated air and ground "teaming" - all from Kinesis.


icon indications & warnings



One of the best use cases for uncrewed systems is extending your sensory perception with remote "eyes" and "ears". Send your sUAS ahead to provide intelligent perimeter alerts with AI-powered threat detection.


icon enhanced autonomy



Not all robots were created equal - but with Kinesis and KxM they stand a chance of getting there. Uncrewed systems that cannot perform basic autonomous route navigation or report geocoordinates from camera feeds can be upgraded purely via software hosted in KxM to accomplish these tasks.


icon aided target recognition



The phrase "dull, dirty, and dangerous" is often used to describe robotic applications. Rarely is this more relevant than searching through reams of video to detect threats. Use KxM to unleash an AI-enhanced search to find the "needle in the haystack" so you can focus on the mission objectives.


icon training & sim



Uncrewed systems are not cheap and crashes can be very costly. Kinesis Sim addresses this training need with Unreal Engine's photo-realistic virtual environments for all your uncrewed systems. The best part? It comes preloaded on KxM for plug-and-play simplicity.


Are you a current Tomahawk Ecosystem user looking to add capabilities to your kit? Maybe you're company with cutting edge AI capabilities for UxVs and need a way to get your app to the end user? Either way, click the button below and our team will get you squared away.

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