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Ecosystem Architecture

The KxM (Kinesis Expansion Module) family of edge devices builds on the power of Kinesis common control software to unlock a host of advanced capabilities otherwise not possible from an all-in-one controller. Video analytics, 2D/3D mapping, EW & SIGINT - these are just a few examples of 3rd party software apps that can be hosted on KxM and seamlessly employed by your entire UxV fleet.

The Kinesis Ecosystem has been built for the warfighter first, to enable rapid capability increases in the field without being held back by the OEM's offering. Practically speaking this means that your basic hovering drone that functions as a flying camera out of the box can now collaborate as part of a heterogeneous swarm, autonomously searching for targets of interest and sending coordinates to connected TAK/ATAK users. This incredible capability requires no changes to your unmanned system as it's all hosted in software on KxM. The diagram below illustrates the power and flexibility of this open architecture.


KxM software 2


To bring this ecosystem to life, we are partnering with the leading software companies to deliver the latest in AI-enhanced capabilities at the tactical edge. These capabilities span every use case imagined for the warfighter, from AiTR (aided target to recognition) to advanced 3D mapping and everything in between. Check back often or drop us a line because we're adding new ecosystem partners all the time.


Built with open architecture as the principal goal, KxM (Kinesis Expansion Module) supports Program of Record hardware standards such as Nett Warrior and integrates with standard MOLLE mounting for the ultimate wearable, low profile, edge processing solution. 

KxM is designed to be an extension of the Kinesis Ecosystem, solving the difficult problems of tactical networking and video reencoding/broadcast all while providing next-gen AI-enhanced capabilities that the modern warfighter demands in a form factor optimized for the mission at hand. Click the button below to download the datasheet and learn more.

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Download the Datasheet

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