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Kinesis SDK

The Kinesis SDK is a complete set of documentation and APIs that enables 3rd parties to integrate  uncrewed systems, custom payloads, AI-enhanced capabilities, and novel input devices with the entire Tomahawk Ecosystem. The days of integrating one capability instantiation at a time are over. One and done is all it takes with the Kinesis SDK to gain access to the expansive library of AI-enhanced platforms.

The power and flexibility of the Tomahawk Ecosystem extend beyond what we have built in-house. Everything on the Kinesis network can also be viewed by TAK/ATAK users over the tactical network in their apps. This is a game-changing leap for the warfighter into the world of "many-to-many" command and control.

To get started you'll need a Kinesis Dev license, which is an add-on to Kinesis Pro. This single license is all you need to integrate with and leverage the Kinesis Ecosystem. Learn more about the ecosystem with the Kinesis menu dropdown above or keep reading to see what the Kinesis SDK has to offer.

The Kinesis SDK offers four distinct integration paths into the ecosystem. Each is optimized for the task at hand. Want to add a new uncrewed system? Check out the Platform SDK. Need custom UI controls within Kinesis for a special UxV capability or AI app on KxM? The Mission Module SDK has been developed explicitly for this purpose. Have a video analytics tool that you want to connect to all UxVs? The Gateway SDK is where you should start.

Kinesis Dev

  • Add-on license for Kinesis Pro to enable 3rd-party integrations via the Kinesis SDK and APIs

  • Connect your uncrewed system to the most powerful common control solution - Kinesis

  • Easily develop Mission Modules for unique platforms or KxM apps with optimized UI scripts

  • Integrate your autonomy, mapping, EW/SIGINT, or AI-analytics app with the Kinesis Ecosystem

  • License subscriptions: 1 year

Export notice: This product Is classified as EAR99

Regardless of your immediate needs, all components of Kinesis SDK are fully available to you with a Kinesis Dev license, so don't limit your ideas. Take a look at the Tomahawk Ecosystem architecture to grasp the potential.


Kinesis Ecosystem


Platform SDK

The Platform SDK is used to create custom or prototype UxV entities, or agents, in the Kinesis Ecosystem. All agents must provide geo-location information, either real or invalid. Invalid GPS data will still allow the agent to be controlled by Kinesis, but it will not be shown on the map in the Mission Planner.


  • New UxV with full command and control capabilities

  • Special payloads, body-worn sensors, or unattended sensors integrated with Kinesis Pro

  • Video or sensor feed integration with Kinesis


  • Tomahawk must complete validation testing before a new agent is incorporated into the next commercial Kinesis release

Mission Module SDK

The Mission Module SDK is used to create custom UI elements that are fully integrated into Kinesis Pro for a seamless user experience. Mission Modules primarily operate locally although networking is supported. They are used for control of application(s) located on the same end user device (EUD) or on a connected KxM edge device.


  • Provide a notification "pop-up" to the user in Kinesis

  • Build a tailored UI for displaying sensor data

  • Specialized control inputs such as a robot "joint jogger"

  • Special payload control requiring user interaction


  • Some uses of this SDK (e.g. fire control) might also require a Kinesis Defense license

Gateway SDK

The Kinesis Gateway resides on the KxM edge device. This SDK provides access to automated controls and video streams from all Kinesis-connected UxVs. Kinesis Gateway applications have full command and control rights of connected uncrewed systems, sensor data, and video feeds.


  • AI-powered video analytics for "target" scene extraction and localization

  • "Swarm" control algorithms of heterogenous UxV fleets

  • EW/SIGINT processing of UxV-hosted sensors

  • Advanced 3D mapping for ISR or autonomy


  • Some uses of this SDK (e.g. AiTR) might also require a Kinesis Defense license

Input Device SDK

The Input Device SDK is used to integrate custom input devices for Kinesis Pro users. This provides interfaces to command UxV motion, quick missions, and UI actions for third-party plugins on the same EUD as Kinesis Pro. The Input Device SDK supports integration with both Java & Kotlin on Android devices.


  • Traditional input device with custom mappings for UxV or emergency actions

  • AI-enabled software control systems such as those for voice or camera-based commands

  • Custom or proprietary controller integration with Kinesis Pro


  • Some uses of this SDK (e.g. fire control) might also require a Kinesis Defense license

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