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Human-machine teaming

Today's militaries are in the midst of major modernization efforts that will enable the employment of greater numbers of uncrewed systems in all warfighting domains. The broadly mandated use of modular open systems architecture (MOSA) solutions has rapidly advanced uncrewed systems' capabilities while ensuring an extended life cycle. The common objective is to significantly improve the warfighter's capabilities and effectiveness by integrating soldiers with robotics and autonomous systems (RAS) as a combined fighting force that forms a human-machine team (HMT) that is augmented with AI for small unit maneuver (AISUM) to achieve overmatch against opposition forces.

The CONOP below illustrates these goals in action with a squad seamlessly integrated with a heterogeneous set of uncrewed systems. The squad is connected over a tactical MANET radio network with ATAK-enabled EUDs. TAK/ATAK allows all team members to communicate, call for various support elements, and view ISR data from uncrewed platforms pushed on the network via the Tomahawk Ecosystem.


defense conops


Tomahawk is delivering this capability to customers today with our Kinesis product family. Kinesis provides a common control solution that is agnostic to robotic hardware, communications hardware, or even the specific end user device (EUD). The result is a secure, low-cost, common control system that outperforms custom-built alternatives across the board, lightens the soldier’s load, and works seamlessly with existing tactical equipment and tools to extend capabilities and mission effectiveness.

Strategy Docs

Looking for more info on RAS, HMT, AISUM and related concepts? Take a look at these strategy documents, publically available from various branches of the US DOD and UK MOD.

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