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Who doesn't love buttons?

Touch screens are great but when things get rough, buttons are better. Read on to learn about the full suite of Kinesis-compatible tactile input devices, spanning commercial to Mil-Spec, that are fully integrated with Android end user devices.

The Kinesis Ecosystem is extremely flexible, allowing endless combinations of physical control solutions comprised of joysticks, gamepads, and Android-based devices. The most popular are shown below and cover all your needs from commercial to tactical.

Do you like free stuff?

Tomahawk Robotics' controllers unlock Kinesis Pro just by plugging them in. You get all the features and software updates of Kinesis Pro with no license required. Just plug in your controller and go!

Grip S20

Tomahawk Robotics is proud to offer the companion controller case for our partners at Samsung, makers of the military smartphone tested and proven by operators.

Grip S20 is a rugged, metal-clad controller case for the Samsung Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition smartphone. It includes all the military-hardened physical buttons and joysticks you'd expect plus the addition of an integral USB hub that eliminates the need for "special" cables that charge and pass data over a Nett Warrior configuration. Grip S20 is offered with a hinged MOLLE chest mount and Nett Warrior compliant cabling.

export notice: This product Is classified as EAR99


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grip s20 controller 2-1



The Mimic controller is an essential accessory for the Kinesis Ecosystem to enable intuitive control that works as simply as moving your hand. At its core, Mimic is a low cost, highly portable, inertial input device designed to make the control of remote robots easy for all.

Mimic embodies the latest advancements of intuitive control in a rugged, handheld design. Mimic is versatile enough to control all types of unmanned systems but is uniquely well suited for manipulation tasks (e.g. EOD robots) and fire control applications. A MOLLE holster is included with Mimic along with a Nett Warrior compliant curled cable.

export notice: This product Is classified as EAR99


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Partner Solutions

We're proud to partner with both Persistent Systems and Samsung. Their rugged EUDs provide additional options for unique mission requirements such as diving or maintaining a low-vis signature.

Persistent Systems

Complete situational awareness is now at your fingertips. With the form factor of a smartphone in a ruggedized case and the addition of physical buttons and joysticks - you have control of the systems on your network. Connect the RDC to the MPU5 to enable command & control of unmanned systems, TAK operations, HD video streaming, Wave Relay MANET configuration, and more.


Persistent Systems RDC




Based on the proven success of the Galaxy S9 Tactical Edition for operators in the field, the Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition is a massive leap forward in tactical mobility. Tested and fielded in special operations, it connects seamlessly with tactical radios and mission systems to increase situational awareness for a common operational picture. The Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition is the only end user device you’ll need for mission planning, training, operations, and daily use.


Samsung Galaxy S20 TE




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