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Who doesn't love buttons?

Touch screens are great but when things get rough, buttons are better. Read on to learn about the full suite of Kinesis-compatible tactile input devices, spanning commercial to Mil-Spec, that are fully integrated with Android end user devices.

The Tomahawk Ecosystem is extremely flexible, allowing endless combinations of physical control solutions comprised of joysticks, gamepads, and Android-based devices. The most popular are shown below and cover all your tactical needs.

Do you like free stuff?

Tomahawk controllers unlock Kinesis Pro just by plugging them in. You get all the features and software updates of Kinesis Pro with no license required. Just plug in your controller and go!

Grip S20

Tomahawk is proud to offer the Grip S20 universal controller with our partners at Samsung, makers of the military smartphone tested and proven by operators – the Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition.

Grip S20 is a rugged, metal-clad, controller case for the Samsung Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition smartphone. Grip S20 includes all the military-hardened physical buttons and joysticks you would expect plus the addition of an integrated USB hub that eliminates the need for special cables that charge and pass data in Nett Warrior loadout configurations. Grip S20 is offered with a hinged MOLLE chest mount and Nett Warrior-compliant cabling.

export notice: This product Is classified as EAR99


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Looking for a larger screen?

Tomahawk is releasing a new 8" sized controller based on the Samsung Tab Active devices. This controller is optimized for users who require additional situational awareness for precision strike missions. Contact us for more details and to place your preorder!

Partner Solutions

We're proud to partner with Samsung across a range of tactical phones and tablets to expand the Grip product family and the Tomahawk Ecosystem. Stay tuned!


Based on the proven success of the Galaxy S9 Tactical Edition for operators in the field, the Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition is a massive leap forward in tactical mobility. Tested and fielded in special operations, it connects seamlessly with tactical radios and mission systems to increase situational awareness for a common operational picture. The Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition is the only EUD you’ll need for mission planning, training, operations, and daily use.


Samsung Galaxy S20 TE




Give us a call or email to discuss your current system or the one you're developing now. Either way, our team of technologists and world-class partners can help you sort through all the endless options of uncrewed systems.

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