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Common control for unmanned systems


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Universal Robotic Control (URC)

The revolutionary growth in unmanned technologies and AI has created a complex maze of robotic platforms and solutions with closed architectures. We are changing this. At Tomahawk Robotics, we have built Kinesis - a platform and communications agnostic control software solution that transforms how humans work with robots and unmanned systems in the most stressful and harsh environments.

Common Control Redefined

Kinesis unlocks the power of 20+ unmanned systems from over a dozen manufacturers. Viewable on a single "pane of glass" and controllable from a common UI - all upgraded with new AI capabilities and connected to the tactical network.

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Kinesis is the next step in body-worn, common control for all your unmanned systems - air or ground. Built to work with your existing kit, Kinesis unifies your unmanned systems fleet into a common operating picture that is networked for team collaboration and enhanced by powerful AI to tackle the mundane tasks while you focus on what matters most.

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How It Works

Trusted Partners

Our team of partners represents the bleeding edge of innovation - trusted by those who execute the most difficult missions. Together, this coalition has refined Kinesis into an intuitive, hardened control system that works seamlessly with the unmanned systems that operators demand and the AI enhancements they expect.

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