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Kinesis Overview

This is the reason you're here. One app to control every unmanned system you have or ever wanted - all from the comfort of your own mobile device. You know you want to learn more - so do it!

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Kinesis Lite

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Online user account management and software updates (login or create an "Account" on the menu above)

Works with Kinesis Sim, an Unreal Engine 4 based mission trainer that runs on KxM or a local client

Supports all input devices (Mimic, Grip, MPU5 + RDC, Xbox One, etc.)

Online/offline map engine in Lat/Long, MGRS coordinates

Android app runs on all devices - best on Samsung S20 TE or PS MPU5 + RDC

Kinesis Core

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Includes all features of Kinesis Lite - plus

User customizable UI and fleet management controls

Connect to and control two (2) unmanned systems from the supported library

Custom user-defined no-fly zones (both keep in and keep out)

Multi-domain command & control enabling features like air and ground "teaming"

Full mission planner with drag & drop waypoints, smart actions, and full autonomy


Kinesis Pro

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Includes all features of Kinesis Core - plus

Connects to the FREE Kinesis TAK Plugin

User control handoff  with permissions and simultaneous control supported

Control unlimited unmanned systems from the growing Kinesis library

Integrates with unattended sensors (e.g. UGS, body cams) for a complete common operating picture

Integrates with KxM to unlock edge processing of AI capabilities for all connected systems

Kinesis Max

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Includes all features of Kinesis Pro - plus

MS Windows 10 tablet/desktop app

Supports 3D terrain visualization and advanced mission/task planning of connected Kinesis teams

Command & control of multiple, distributed Kinesis Pro networks connected via backhaul datalinks

Developers kit to enable custom integration of infrastructure and unique systems

Ideal for Forward Operating Base (FOB) installations or enterprise control rooms

Kinesis Features

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Mission Planner-GIF

Mission Planner


Kinesis Sim

SBS D40 Overview - May 2020 R5-1

Mission Modules


KxM Hosted AI


Kinesis TAK Plugin

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