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Getting started with Kinesis is easy. Kinesis works with all Android-based end user devices (EUDs) so the options are only limited by your preferences. Planning a new system? Be sure and explore all the options and don't miss the supported platforms section below. If you have some robots already that you'd like to add to or upgrade, read on to see how we can improve your kit and set you up for the future.

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Pick a Controller

Kinesis is designed for all Android-based EUDs. For mission ready performance that is proven in the field - we recommend the Samsung S20 Tactical Edition or Persistent Systems MPU5 RDC. The MPU5 RDC is effectively an EUD with a gamepad wrapped around it. For the S20, pair it with Grip or Mimic to unlock the full power of Kinesis.Controllers

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Add a Datalink

Unmanned systems are only as good as their connectivity. To maximize performance, invest in a mesh, or MANET, radio solution. The Persistent Systems MPU5 is our preferred choice for larger systems with power and payload to spare. When space is at a premium, go with the Tomahawk Robotics MxC datalinks.Datalinks

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Select Your Plan

Kinesis comes in a few different flavors that optimally address the specific needs of users. OEM manufacturers should check out Kinesis Core while end users will want the full feature set of Kinesis Pro. Not sure if Kinesis is right for you? Take a look at our free Kinesis Lite to try it out for yourself.

Kinesis Plans


You've got a system all planned out - now time for the fun part. Why not add AI-enhancements to your kit with our KxM edge processor? It doubles as both a USB/Nett Warrior hub and embedded GPU, plus it includes the Kinesis Sim out of the box.


Edge Processors




For tactical users, the Kinesis TAK Plugin (free by the way) is a great way to extend your ISR capabilities across the entire squad connected via TAK/ATAK/DSA. Click below to learn more about this plugin and other Kinesis features.


Explore Kinesis Features

Supported Platforms

Defense UAVs

    Parrot Anafi USA (DIU Blue sUAS)
    Skydio X2D (US Army SRR)
    AeroVironment Puma LE
    AeroVironment Switchblade 300
    DefendTex D40

Defense UGVs

    QinetiQ Dragon Runner 20
    QinetiQ SPUR (CRS-I)
    FLIR Centaur (MTRS-Inc II)
    FLIR Kobra (CRS-H)
    General Dynamics MUTT (SMET)
    QinetiQ EMAV (RCV-L)

Commercial UAVs

    DJI Mavic 2 & Mavic Mini Series
    DJI Matrice 200/300/600 Series

Commercial UGVs

    Ghost Robotics Vision 60
    Boston Dynamics Spot

Manipulators & Payloads

    Kinova Gen3 Series
    HDT Adroit Series

Don't see what you're looking for?


Check back often for updates to our supported equipment list or contact us to discuss your unique needs and how it can be addressed by the ever-growing Kinesis ecosystem. Kinesis integrates easily with unmanned systems built on ROS/ROS2, RAS-G IOP, MAVLink, STANAG-4586, and even proprietary architectures. It's likely that the platform or payload you desire is already on our roadmap and about to be released.


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