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Wish your Nett Warrior hub could do more?

Open Architecture

Built with open architecture as the principal goal, KxM (Kinesis Expansion Module) supports Program of Record hardware standards such as Nett Warrior and integrates with standard MOLLE mounting for the ultimate in wearable, low profile, edge processing solutions. Additionally, KxM provides full support for all leading AI developer frameworks to simply integration with the latest AI capabilities.

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  • Nett Warrior compatible with integrated power management

  • Host federated TAK/ATAK server locally with the team

  • Integral MOLLE attachments for body-worn applications

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  • Real-time processing of all connected unmanned systems sensors

  • Extends Kinesis ecosystem with powerful AI edge processing

  • Runs 3rd party AI algorithms (e.g. video inference, target ID)


Built as an extension of the Kinesis ecosystem, KxM serves as the AI-enhanced, powered network hub for Nett Warrior body-worn and unmanned sensor fusion applications.

Download the datasheet below to get the details on the electrical specifications, rugged mechanical design, included software development environments, and supported AI frameworks. KxM ships with integrated MOLLE attachments and the Kinesis Simulation for plug and play interoperability with Kinesis command and control software. Also included in the housing is a ruggedized NVMe SSD with 512 GB of user storage.

This product has been designated EAR99 - the authorization for shipment of this item may change depending on the transaction.

kxm 2 or 4 port

AI Capabilities

AI algorithms can be hosted at the edge to unlock a growing collection of powerful AI analytic solutions from third-party developers that spans real-time video inferencing for target classification to photo-realistic simulation for training. Click below for example capabilities we're working on with our partners now.


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Kinesis Ecosystem

KxM, in conjunction with the Kinesis common control software, creates a wearable, AI-enabled network for your UxV systems providing a combined data analytics capability that is more powerful than the sum of the parts.


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